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 Important NPCs

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King Jacyn Steele XXVII

The King of Larendar, whose reign has lasted for the past 38 years and in relative peace. King Steele is just if not noble, a man well loved by his people and his subjects. His former heir Reyvald was slain in a border skirmish with barbarian tribes to the north. To his credit, and perhaps as a sign of his prudent nature, King Steele was methodical in seeking justice for his son rather than being quick to declare an all out war. Too old to remarry (his wife died during the birth of his daughter, Clara) and provide a new heir for his kingdom, he instead brokered what promised to be an era of peace with the nearby Dionan Empire by pledging his daughter to Empire's Crown Prince Roderik and uniting the people's of Terria under one dynasty. However, like many things in King Steele's life, even that hope for peace ended in tragedy. Though his daughter survived the impersonation plot, King Steele wears the burdens of his many years heavily.

Clara, Princess of Larendar

If there is one factor that Clara shares with her father the king, it is that her past weighs heavily on her. However, whereas recently the events of the King's past have taken an obvious toll on him, Clara is able to mask her burden behind a visage of etiquette. King Steele does not allow her as free of a range about the city as she once had, not after her life was nearly taken by an ancient demon that impersonated her husband to be on their wedding day. Even so, Clara makes a point to be present at important courtly events and festivities. Above all, like her father, she hopes to help forge a lasting peace between Terria's great nations, even if marriage and unification seems to now be a distant dream.

Baroness Staceen Stormghal

A noblewoman whose barony includes Bad Wolf Bay and the immediate lands around it. Staceen spent much of her teenage years and twenties in seclusion, studying magics and various sorceries while her father managed Bad Wolf Bay. 10 years ago, she emerged from her seclusion and took hold of her place as a noblewoman after the passing of her father. As one of the more skilled and powerful wizards in Larendar, she is a frequent guest in the capital and the king's court. Rather than being content to sit back and observe the going ons of courtly life, Staceen has been a fairly active political mover and shaker, earning a reputation for being ambitious among the rumormongers.

Wryn Coleman, The King's Bodyguard

Wryn Coleman in the leader of the Paladins of Apollo, whose order is sworn in service to the King of Larendar. Still in his mid twenties, Wryn is the youngest to assume the title of the King's Bodyguard in generations. The man is stalwart and vigilant and noble, with a strong sense of justice - the consumate paladin. He assumed the mantle of his duties 3 years ago, and since has not seen much in the way of active duty or deployment. In his younger years, he longed for the life of an adventurer until he was called into service by his god. Instead, to fill the gap left behind in the absence of his youthful dreams, he spends what free time he has with his pegasus Siegfried, and helps the stablemasters who manage the winged horses' stables. Only paladins of Apollo are given the distinctive honor of riding these majestic beasts into combat.

Daphne Rosemaker, Proprietor of Rosemaker's Pub

The cheerful Gnomish owner of Rosemaker's Pub, Daphne, welcomes all into her establishment with a warm and inviting smile. Her topmost priority is ensuring the safety and relative comfort of her patrons, something she succeeds at quite well. However, do not let her laissez-faire demeanor trick you... damage her establishment, or disrupt the peace of the other patrons, and you will quickly see a side of Daphne not many care to see twice.

Selgareous Nys, High Druid

As the High Druid of the Wood Elves, Selgareous works hard to keep his people safe. He will stop at nothing to ensure the survival of their way of life, making the hard decisions no one else wishes to make. This often clashes with his responsibilities to his daughter, Ellie. This results in a bit of a rocky relationship between the two, despite the fact that all he does, he does for her. Selgareous is well known for his distrust of their Drow cousins, who have adapted well to the more civilized aspects of life - particularly towards the one who travels with the King's Will.

Ellie of Nys

Ellie, the daughter of the High Druid, is a free spirit. Against her father's wishes, she joined King Steele's court when the Kingdom was young, and often adventures with the Larendarians. While not deaf to the plights of her people, she does not share the same xenophobia that her kinsmen exhibit. She can be found in court on most days, wearing a rather bored expression seasoned with a hint of longing.

Marellia Teken'duis

The current matriarch of the Drow house of Teken'duis and the Head Priestess of Hera. A calm and cunning woman, Marellia is concerned mainly with accomplishing the will of Hera and eliminating those who give slight against her house or her people. She, and her house, are often seen unanimously with the wrath of the Goddess of Women and Marriage. She is currently investigating the murder of her cousin, Halistra.


Emperor Gorrin

Emperor Gorrin, to those who know the man who rules the Empire of Diona, is stern, calm, thoughtful, and collected- not at all seeming like the warlord leader of an large Empire. Though he is a fair ruler, those who cross him or his nation soon learn that he is very much like his land - cruel and unforgiving to those who appose him. While much of Larendar feared that the death of his son would instigate a war, Gorrin has surprised his neighbors with patience and temperance from all out war. He is a man who seeks the truth, and wants to get to the bottom of his sons murder. He believes the answers lie somewhere in Larendar: whether King Steele is responsible or not is a truth he believes needs be learned before he calls his banners.

Lord Nikos Dorsei

The man known as Lord Dosei is a well respected leader, glorious enough to be known throughout all of Terria. He is perhaps one of the Emperor's fiercest warrior, with a quick temper and a strong sword arm, skilled at tactics and warfare. Whereas his Emperor has exorcised caution, Dorsei truly believes that Larendar is responsible for Prince Roderik's death. All Dionans know that Lord Dorsei loved Roderik like a son, for he was the young man's teacher and mentor. He had groomed the Prince into a fine warrior since the day he could hold a sword. Surely, the Larendarians consort with demons and other evil, scheming hellbeasts. Not even the skilled diplomats sent to Larendar along with him will stop Nikos from getting vengeance for his Emperor and Empire.


Gnomish high priestess of Demeter, Stumbleduck is a close admin to Emperor Gorrin. True to her name, Stumbleduck can be a bit on the clumsy side, leading some to question her position so close to the Emperor. However, she is well known for her skills in the herbal arts. As a high priestess of Demeter, she is quite adept at turning everyday herbs into potent medicines and remedies. It is for this reason that Emperor Gorrin keeps her so close to his side, and he has given her the task of rooting out the cause of the dwindling Dragonborn numbers, a task which she has thrown herself into fully.


A black scaled Dragonborn, one who stands out in the capital of Larendar City- for Dragonborn only live in Diona. Everywhere he walks, he walks with confidence and gusto, his gait full of swagger. Anyone would act similarly, were they the champion of Diona's gladiatorial arena as Corviss is. His title as champion affords him certain benefits- wealth, women, and wine. Despite Dorsei's protests, Emperor Gorrin has appointed Corviss as his bodyguard during the diplomatic mission to Larendar. Corviss is strong enough to hold Dorsei back if it gets to it, and besides, Corviss himself is not unhappy with the appointment. This Dragonborn has a grudge with a certain Larendarian he hopes to pay back.
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Important NPCs
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