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 A midday refresh.[D1 Noon,open]

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Astra Lykos

Astra Lykos

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A midday refresh.[D1 Noon,open] Empty
PostSubject: A midday refresh.[D1 Noon,open]   A midday refresh.[D1 Noon,open] EmptyTue Aug 29, 2017 8:11 am

After exploring for sometime Astra comes across the bath house. "This looks promising. I've never been to a proper bathhouse, and I'm sure I'm overdue for one." Astra's steps pick up, as the thought of a proper bath excites her.

Astra arrives in the dressing room, she is met by the stares of some of the women. It's not everyday they see a fellow lady in armor, Especially one so tall. Astra waves, defusing most of the stares. Within moments the dressing room reverts back to its mood of ambient chatter.

Astra begins undoing her armor and setting it down on the floor. Then she continues undressing, removing her chain mail and her padded tunic. She continues removing
all her garments, she picks her shield up and continues to the bath.

She sets Randale near the waters edge, the enters the bath. Astra let's herself slip under the water, then resurfaces near Randale. "I needed this Randale, this feels fantastic. Beats those dips in the frosted streams back home." Randale looks around . "Astra did you cause any trouble last night?" Randale gives her a incredulous look.

"No I didn't, I don't remember what happened last night after I passed out, but I must've been a good girl if they didn't kick me out." Astra sinks into the water once more and reemerges. " also , I met this paladin, Sigismund. Insightful fellow, real shiny armor, he offered some sage advice." Astra begins retelling the conversation she had this morning to Randale .
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A midday refresh.[D1 Noon,open]
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