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 Races of Terria

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Found throughout any nation in the known world, ruling great kingdoms and empires. Humans worship a wide range of deities. The head priests and priestesses of Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, Dionysus, Aphrodite, Hermes, and many other more minor deities are all human. variant Humans are restricted.


The high elves vanished along side their former chief deity, Corellon Larethian, at the end of the Upheavel War. None alive know for certain what became of them.

Wood elves still reside in the Larendarian forests at the edge of the kingdom, protecting the great nation from monster intruders that lie waiting in the badlands. Rather than reside in the city, most prefer the woods which they seem bound to. Wood elves favor the goddess Artemis.

Unlike their woodland cousins who prefer a bit of distance and independence, the Dark Elves have integrated quite well into society. Ruled by women, a Dark Elf matriarch often has her hand in any scheme or intrigue of the court. Dark Elves are prevalent in both Diona and Larendar, and worship Hera, or for some warrior women, Athena.


Dwarves prefer to keep to their mountains, favoring craftwork and treasure. Many dwarves serve as keepers of lore or magical artifacts, explorers, adventurers and merchants that travel the breadth of the known world. They favor the God Hephaestus.

Half Elves

Half elves come in the wooden or dark variety. There is no mechanical difference between the two, but it is probably something that needs to be considered in a background.

Half Orcs

Half orcs are outcasts, rare half breeds born of unsavory unions. Most never find their place in society, but a strong warrior may earn renown as a mercenary and find his or her way into the armies of Larendar or Diona. They favor Aries, or other Human deities, while their orcish cousins worship the old, defeated heathens.


Since the disappearance of the High Elves, Gnomes are the race that posses the highest aptitude for magic. They too have integrated with Larendarian society, keeping to the cities where they can tinker and materials can always be found (not many gnomes live in Diona as a result of their lack of natural resources). They tend to worship many of the various deities, favoring no one God or Goddess in particular.


Halflings disappeared towards the end of the Upheaval War, which rocked the great continent and steeped it in the largest war it has ever known. Like the high elves, no one knows where the supposed peace loving race vanished to or how.


Tieflings are perhaps the rarest of all the races. The first Tiefling emerged from a parallel plane 200 years prior, appearing in the Badlands and traveling the world as a cartographer and explorer. Others came years later, no more than a few families, seeking refuge from the growing chaos of their home plane. As a result of only 200 years of breeding, the Tiefling population is small and choose only to breed with their own people. Like Gnomes, they mostly favor Human deities and are primarily found in the peace loving Larendar.


The Dragonborn reside only inside the borders of the Dionan Empire, descendants of the ancient wyrms and serpents that once prospered, until their near extinction in the Upheaval War. Many a Dragonborn has been the champion of the Gladiatorial Arena of Diona, and they follow the strength of their Emperor with a fierce and unwavering loyalty. Dragonborn tend to worship Ares, the God of War.
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Races of Terria
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