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 Bath Before Forums [D2, Morning, Open]

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Bath Before Forums [D2, Morning, Open] Empty
PostSubject: Bath Before Forums [D2, Morning, Open]   Bath Before Forums [D2, Morning, Open] EmptySun Sep 10, 2017 7:11 am

As the forum was to be held later at noon, Kragg headed to the baths with a fresh change of clothes in a sack. It wouldn't do ta be distracting people around with me manly scent of sweat an' the sea, ha ha! He cheerfully heads into the men's section of the baths and picks an area to place his belongings. He takes the clean clothes out from the sack, then undresses and places his old clothes into the sack, his whip nearby. He stretches a bit, giving the other lads around a good show before cleansing himself and finally entering the bath itself. "Ahhhh... 'Tis good ta feel warm waters again, ha ha!"
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Bath Before Forums [D2, Morning, Open]
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