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 Class Specific Rulings and Flavor Info

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PostSubject: Class Specific Rulings and Flavor Info   Class Specific Rulings and Flavor Info EmptyTue Aug 01, 2017 2:46 pm


Battlerager is allowed for Dwarves. New totems are allowed as well (SCAG).


Domains and Deities

Zeus - Tempest, Life
Hera - Trickery, Knowledge
Poseidon - Tempest, Light
Demeter - Nature, Life
Athena - Knowledge, War
Apollo - Light (Clerics of Apollo are exceedingly rare, as he calls his heroes to be Paladins primarily *needs GM approval*)
Artemis - Nature (Also rarer, as many of Artemis's chosen become Druids or Rangers)
Ares - War, Trickery
Aphrodite - Trickery, Life, Nature
Hephaestus - War, Light
Hermes - Trickery, Life
Dionysus - Nature, Knowledge

Any of the other minor deities or non Olympians may be chosen as a deity as well (Eros, Persephone, Hades, etc). We will work out which domain a cleric would fall under during the process of character approval. Hecate would fall under the Arcane domain in SCAG, for example.


Druidic magic seemingly comes from Artemis and Demeter.


Purple Dragon Knight is a choice for Larendarian characters- retitled as Bannaret (SCAG). You are in essence a landed knight of Larendar.


Monks are not a playable class, as only Veshi understand and have undergone such monastic training required to possess their talents.


99% of Paladins receive their power from Apollo, and all Paladins of Apollo take the Oath of Devotion or Oath of the Crown from SCAG. Oath of the Ancients and Vengeance may be taken as well, as Paladins of Artemis, but these Paladins are exceedingly rare *needs GM approval*


Like Druid spellcasting, a Ranger's magic is also tied to their closeness with Artemis and Demeter.


Mastermind and Swashbuckler are allowed (SCAG).


Storm Sorcerer is allowed. Your power would theoretically come from a monster tied to the air or land, such as Scylla or Charybdis.


For Warlocks, the source of the power that comes from their Otherworldly Patron is a large mystery. It could be beings from another plane, old gods from before the Upheaval War, or something far worse...

The Undying are allowed. Your power is tied to a cult or a powerful lich (SCAG).


Bladesinger is allowed for Elves and Half Elves (SCAG).
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Class Specific Rulings and Flavor Info
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