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 Time Slots and Day Progression

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Time Slots and Day Progression Empty
PostSubject: Time Slots and Day Progression   Time Slots and Day Progression EmptyTue Aug 01, 2017 2:48 pm

The game will last between 15-20 in game days.

We are going to have a 1 week(IRL): 1 day in game ratio. If we feel it needs to speed up or slow down any, we will be open to doing so, just be sure to let us know via PM or some OOC thread if you think the pace needs adjusting.

Here are the time slots. For those of you familiar with pbp games, you know how these work. For those new or unfamiliar, time slots mark points in the day where your character is in a scene. You can only be in one thread per time slot (unless the thread transfers elsewhere- for the most part this is fine, just alert a GM to the transition). If we feel we need to add more timeslots, we will (perhaps Early Morning and Late Night).


As for creating threads, just be sure to put the Day #, Timeslot, some kind of name, and Open Closed/Private or Ask. Open threads are free rp anyone can join. Private/Closed threads are usually scenes PCs/NPCs have planned out with others they dont want others interacting in. Ask is like private, just PM the thread creator to see if you can hop in.

Let us know if you have any further questions!
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Time Slots and Day Progression
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