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 Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)

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PostSubject: Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)   Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:50 pm

Character Profiles all go here!
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Astra Lykos


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PostSubject: Re: Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)   Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:52 pm

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Nationality: Dionan
Age: 28
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 211 lbs
Occupation: a Warden of the Ice gate
Eyes: Right eye is hazel/ Left eye is green.
Hair:Dark brown

In the Great Terrian Mountains there is a wide pass that monsters and orcs would use to quickly travel and raze unprotected villages, Until the Dionan empire set up an outpost of soldiers to protect the pass and repel back the monsters beyond the Great Terrian Mountains. These soldiers are known as the Wardens of the Endless Vale, and they are led by the head of the Lykos family.

Astra Lykos born in the Endless Vale along with her 6 other brothers, there wasn’t much to do in a militarized outpost but to train with her other brothers so, she did. As time went by she surpassed her brothers and easily bested them in practice combat (her tall build also helped), except her eldest brother Caleb. Even though Caleb and Astra were fairly matched he was jealous of the attention and praise Astra got.

More years went by and Astra's Father Marsdon was getting to age when it was time to pick his successor to lead the Wardens. Caleb tried many things to sway his father's decision but Astra was rumored to be next to lead. This infuriated Caleb, he wanted this title more than anything, but now nothing mattered to him. He came back from the family tomb that night with one of the family relics the powerful great sword Ulric. He slew anyone who got in his way as he made his way to his father's room. "you should have chosen me! Im the eldest why her!?". Marsdon regretted that he let his son become so lost, "I've dedicated my life to stopping monsters from breaching the vale, but in the end my son became on--". Marsdon gurgles as Caleb drives Ulric through his father's chest. As Astra entered the room with a group of soldiers Caleb laughed as he escaped through the window. The next morning Astra prepared to set out and bring his brother to justice, as she was about to set out one of the family caretakes stopped her and took her down to the family tombs. "your brother took the sword Ulric you should protect yourself with the Shield Randale" Astra thanked her and proceeded to set out.

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PostSubject: Re: Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)   Tue Aug 01, 2017 5:28 pm

Name: Kriv
Race: Dragonborn(Gold)
Class: Paladin
Background: Soldier
Age: 18
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 245 lbs.
Alignment: NG
My father was a Dionan soldier and so was I. I was born in Diona and ive lived here ever since. I'm loyal to my roots and love my country. The common deity here to worship is Ares but i worship Artemis. Ares' strong focus on war and evil doesn't appeal to me whatsoever. But Artemis' promise of life and hope soothes me and gives me greater reason to worship her. I now live in service to her as my kingdom, though it is great, serves a wicked god. These days I live on my own in a hut in the wilderness awaiting a call from my goddess to action.

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PostSubject: Re: Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)   Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:56 pm

^^Has pretty much all info. Anyways;
Name: Syreskala
Race: Dragonborn (Black)
Background: Soldier
Age: 30
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 170 punds (maybe more)
Alignment: LN
Background: In character sheet (Imgur link)
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PostSubject: Re: Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)   Thu Aug 03, 2017 4:43 pm

Name: Siliani d'Ivoreth
Race: Drow
Age: 245
Occupation: Noble-born arcane knight
Height: 5'10"
Build: Slim and athletic

Siliani is the eldest daughter of the d'Ivoreth family, a minor noble house, who devoted herself to the study and pursuit of both blade and spell. A Lelanderian by birth, the drow is a devoted servant to her country, having served for a brief while in the military before an honorable discharge. Despite her lofty birth into the ranks of the nobility, Siliani was raised from a young age with a deep understanding that the nobility existed to protect and guide the common folk, which is why they had great power, but they also had an equally great responsibility to ensure that the people under their charge were cared for and had opportunities to grow and advance. As a result, Siliani has taken to the adventuring life, as she has no concern about the pay, only the advancement of her own house and people. However, despite her noted devotion to the people under her family's care, rumors abound of Siliani's tastes in leisure activities and how she will sometimes end up entirely distracted by them. Of course, these are all just the rumors that would rise about any noble, right?
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Lukas Fayden


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PostSubject: Re: Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)   Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:35 pm

Name: Lukas Fayden
Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer
Nationality: Larendarian
Age: 23
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170 lbs
Occupation: Court Mage, Former Alchemist for the Artisan Guild
Eyes: Deep Red
Hair: Vermillion and golds, long, tied in golden ribbon
Skin: Fair, somewhat pale

Born in the mountainous regions in the outermost northern borders of Larendar, Lukas Fayden has long been far from his birthplace. Among his family and the rustic peoples of his small mountainous village, he is considered unwelcome - banished from the town as a young boy, for possessing an innate ability with fire and magics that he seemed to be born with. The simple people of his home town considered his birth to be a bad omen, the boy was surely cursed by Hecate, destined to bring further misfortune to the already poor and reclusive village.

As a four year old forced into the wilderness, Lukas is fortunate that he did not meet an early demise at the hands of bandits or wild animals. Instead, he was found by an alchemist of the Artisan's Guild, a man named Aias Fayden. Aias was a tinkerer and mechanist interested in harvesting ores and other precious metals that could only be found in that region. A good man unwilling to leave a lone child in so dangerous a place, he took the boy in and adopted him as a son. And so Lukas was given his name and a new home in the capital. Trained as a sorcerer, and skilled in the arts of chemistry and alchemy, Lukas found acceptance in a more civilized society and left his early childhood behind him.

Now an adult, Lukas has risen high through the ranks of his society. Though he is not noble, his place in the merchant caste as well as his silvered tongue has earned him a place in King Steele's court as a diplomat and counselor in things of a magical nature. Lukas has an innate curiosity towards the arcane, a fascination with magics and their utilization. He spends much of his free time studying, reading histories about Dragons and gods and the world. He believes that an understanding of the nature of their universe will lead to peace and balance for all of Terria. He has been tasked by King Steele with researching the ancient Red Dragon Bleiterghast, to find out the nature of its intentions and keep it from turning its eyes to Larendar. Lukas intends to fulfill his king's request, out of loyalty to his sire and the country that took him in as a child.
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PostSubject: Re: Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)   Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:21 pm

Name: Sigismund of Stormhall
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Nationality: Larendarian
Age: 33
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 195 lbs
Occupation: Paladin
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black

Some know the tales of Sigismund of Stormhall - the Paladin who left his family to die. The man who chose duty over blood. The one who sacrificed his wife and child in pursuit of honor and glory. Sigismund left Stormhall to be rid of these tales, but occasionally he finds that his reputation precedes him, no matter where he might travel.

The rumors are as varied as the leaves in Larendar, but only a select few know the truth - and even fewer care to seek it. But if you should see a man clad in silver adamantine armor, with the Order of Apollo emblazoned upon him, know that justice has come.
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PostSubject: Re: Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)   Mon Aug 07, 2017 6:53 pm

Name: Giorg Two-Stones
Race: Dwarf
Class: Bard
Nationality: Larendarian
Occupation: Traveling Musician
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Reddish Brown

Background: Once upon a time, there was a dwarf named Giorg. He was a quiet dwarf, prone to singing to himself on the hilltops near his home.

Sometimes, his mother would have him gather herbs for her healing supplies. He learned a thing or two from her. His father taught him to fight using a spear, the better to prepare him for if he would ever be called to fight for his lord.

Giorg never quite fit in, though. His home loved their ales and meads, their wines and beers. Giorg would grow ill whenever he tried. Grew dizzy and feverish, and his cheeks would become puffy and red. He decided it was not for him, much to the confusion of his fellow dwarves. They never said anything about it and made him feel welcome in all feasts, but he knew he was out of place because he never drank.

Giorg began to keep his own company, then. Living in the woods not far from home, only occasionally coming out to entertain kin and friends with song and music. He had a knack for using his magnificent stomach as a drum.

Eventually, he decided to take his skills on the road. He admits that it was at his father's behest, seeing that Giorg had so much more of the world to see. He is recently arrived, by way of Sulcall.
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Tiarnan de Danann


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PostSubject: Re: Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)   Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:37 am

Name: Tiarnan De Danann
Race: Half Elf
Class: Warlock
Nationality: Larendarian
Age: 25
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180 lbs
Occupation: Scholar, FeyWilds specialist
Eyes: Piercingly Aqua
Hair: Short, sable hair and scruffy, unkempt beard
Skin: Sunkissed, yet fair

Tiarnan De Danann, born Tiarnan Faethurin, grew up in and around the libraries, and scholars, of Larendar. It wasn't much of a surprise for his friends and family when he entered the Scholar's guild at a young age. Making a name for himself with his studies into the lost knowledges of the FeyWilds, and of the primordial, psuedo-deities that live within the near plane, it was not long before he became renown in the field for his work. By the time he was coming of age, Tiarnan already had multiple tomes on the subject penned and on the shelves of Larendar's libraries.

Despite his early achievements, the young man has a certain eccentricity about him. He often speaks his mind with no regard for the thoughts or sensibilities of others, invariably causing issues with his colleagues and companions. There is also present a certain element of paranoia, as the man finds himself wary of others who look too deeply into his work, convinced they are trying to steal his accomplishments for themselves. A silly notion, he knows, but shaking the sensation from his mind has proved impossible for the half elf.

Tiarnan's young age, combined with his half-breed heritage, encourages him to seek the infinite possibilities inherent in all existence. He does not balk at unnecessary rules, exactly, but he does show his disdain, rather vocally at times, to the social structures that seem to only be put in place in order to reign in what an individual can accomplish. There is no such thing as forbidden knowledge, no line of thought meant to be steered clear from, so long as these lines do not themselves inhibit the freedoms of others and hinder their own personal growth and spiritual enlightenments.
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Alexander "Gormadin" Fare


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PostSubject: Re: Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)   Tue Aug 22, 2017 6:51 am

Name: Alexander "Gormadin" Fare
Race: Human
Nationality: Larendarian
Age: 30
Height: 5'10"
Build: Wiry, Gaunt
Occupation: Merchant
Eyes: Pastel Blue
Hair: Black with streaks of grey
Skin: Pale

Born of a rich family, Alexander was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Never wanting for anything, he grew up spoilt and coddled. His family made its fortune through illicit trade of stolen art, blackmail and political manipulation. How his family provided for his every whim, was of no concern to Alex. He got what he wanted and that was all that mattered. That was until the carefully built bastion of corruption came crashing down.

Alex was sitting in a book shop on Tunnelcutter lane, entertaining his latest interest in the Upheaval War, when a heavily sweating courier came crashing into the establishment. Red faced and panting, he quickly explained there was a fire at his parents estate and there were people looking for him. Rushing back, he came upon a scene of horror. There was a large crowd around his home, with people battling the keep the unnaturally intense inferno from spreading to nearby buildings. Looking around desperately, grabbing at passerby's demanding that someone inform him of where his parents were, all he got in return was nervous looks or shrugs of ignorance.

Whilst battling his way forward to his home, his eyes settled on a group of men advancing away from his home towards him, fixing him with a steely gaze that chilled him to the bone. He never knew who the men were, or what they were after, but at that moment began the next 18 years. The young boy Alexander ran. He could not explain why, but something deep inside him held a terror of those men who stared at him so. The fear he felt became more real, when it became apparent that none of his families connections would see him. The nobles whom his father had often sat in the drawing room with would decline to acknowledge his existence. He had little money on his person, and anyone who he thought he could turn to refused to even see him. This was the least of his problems as everywhere he turned he felt unseen eyes watching him, or a random person would fix him with a stare and hurry towards him. Fearing for his life, Alexander fled Lordendar and assumed the simple name Gormadin.

Using the only skills he had to speak of; book keeping, reading and writing. Gormadin would travel around offering to write letters in exchange for a bed for the night, or help travelling merchants with their records for a couple of coins. Always trying to keep ahead of whoever it may be trying to follow him. It was many years before Gormadin considered that they were no longer after him, and even longer still before he managed to stoke up the courage to return to his home town of Lorendar. Given that he was a mere boy when he left, and a fully grown man when he returned, Gormadin was sure no-one would recognise him. But if he was to live here, he needed to set up shop. After all, if he was going to find out what happened to his parents or find out who it was that had been chasing him all these years, a little coin may need to pass a hand or two first...

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Zaril Erimos


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PostSubject: Re: Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)   Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:12 am

Name: Zaril Erimos
Race: Tiefling
Nationality: Larendarian
Age: 22
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs
Occupation: Alchemist Guild Member
Eyes: White
Hair: Shortish, Black
Skin: Red

Zaril was born to a nomadic life traveling with his family throughout Larendar. An indiscretion of youth he ran from ‘home’ and to the capital city. Mesmerized with the city Zaril was on top of the world but what money he had swiftly ran out. With no job and lack of skills to find one, hard times soon followed. Eventually he found the Artisans Guild who were willing to take in a talentless boy and teach him their ways. For this he was eternally grateful and did all he could to be of use. He quickly picked up the craft of alchemy. Nearly a decade since joining the guild now Zaril has grown and made his way in the guild. He enjoys going on expeditions to assist in finding materials and harvesting alchemy components for the guild. In his down time he also enjoys reading and is fascinated with the old stories of this land and the gods and monsters that surround them.
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PostSubject: Re: Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)   Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:04 am

Name: Kragg
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Barbarian
Nationality: Larendarian
Age: 30
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 220 lbs
Occupation: Sailor
Eyes: Brown (scar across right eye)
Hair: Brown, beard neatly tied under his chin
Skin: Tanned Gray

Hailing from Bad Wolf Bay, Kragg's favorite things in life are rum, ships, and money. When not serving aboard a ship, he can usually be found at the local tavern either relaxing with a drink or selling his services as a sailor or even participating in the occasional tavern brawl. He offers good muscle and loyalty to the captain of any job he has signed up on, as long as he is paid that is. It helps as well that as bosun, he and his whip have kept many a crew in line. He travels wherever his latest job takes him, with the dream of one day having enough money to own his own ship and finally be free to go wherever and do whatever he wishes.
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PostSubject: Re: Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)   Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:16 pm

Name:  Moira
Race:  Tiefling
Class:  Rogue
Nationality:  Larendarian
Age:  24
Height:  4'11"
Weight:  105 lbs
Eyes:  Green
Hair:  Crimson, unkept
Skin:  Light grey

Recently exiled from Bad Wolf Bay by her former companions, she is seeking a new lot in life elsewhere.  She comes across as someone with natural beauty that doesn't know how to show it, often her clothes frayed and hair a bit of a wild mess.  She offers almost anyone a coy smile and a chat about any subject matter, though there always seems to be sense of lurking danger in her eyes and movements.
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PostSubject: Re: Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)   Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:45 pm

Name: Alston Rosemaker
Race: Gnome
Class: Wizard
Nationality: Larendarian
Age: 337
Height: 3'8"
Weight: 58 lbs
Occupation: Scholar of Draconic Lore
Eyes: Gleaming Emerald
Hair: Bald, Long Snowy White Beard
Skin:  Wrinkly Oakish Brown

As a young gnome Alston was fascinated with dragons, he read every book and listened to every story about them, which naturally led him toward his life's ambition to author the most comprehensive and authoritative tome on the subject. After nearly 300 years of writing and study his unfinished magnum opus, titled "The Draconomicon," now numbers an impressive 164 volumes, each covering a different topic on dragon physiology, psychology, ecology, and bibliographies of all known dragons, entirely cross referenced and indexed. Alston has long ago happily concluded that the completion of this work will take the rest of his life.

Alston and Zeyx (his pseudodragon familiar) can be found puttering about the Arcaneum of Larendar most days when not in his rooms in the Mage’s Tower. Occasionally he can be found at the Rosemaker’s Pub, owned by his grand-niece Daphne Rosemaker, sipping a mug of her finest ale while grumbling to Zeyx as he scribbles furiously upon parchment, various open books floating about his head for easy reference.
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PostSubject: Re: Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)   

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Temple to Mnemosyne (Character Profiles)
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