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 [D2, Morning, OPEN] A Historical Perspective

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[D2, Morning, OPEN] A Historical Perspective Empty
PostSubject: [D2, Morning, OPEN] A Historical Perspective   [D2, Morning, OPEN] A Historical Perspective EmptySun Sep 10, 2017 7:45 pm

Giorg Two-Stones was not inclined to think of things in terms of politics. He wasn't cut out for that sort of thinking.

However, the idea that demonic agents had somehow made their way into the capital troubled him. It troubled him when his paladin friend told him about it. It troubled him through the night. And it troubled him still as he made his way to the Hall of Sages. It made him cling to his spear a little more closely, see things moving in every shadow he passed. It troubled him enough that he came here seeking some insights of a historical nature.

After all, this sort of thing had to have happened before. And someone had to have written at least some details down. Maybe he could find something there that would help --- or at least put his mind at ease. The idea of being eaten by a demon as he slept was not a welcome thought.
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[D2, Morning, OPEN] A Historical Perspective
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